The end does not stop here|Toward the future with a sincere heart


— Phantom Grey

   Dancing Life

Marble,a favorite in the art world and a medium of art.

Titled “Dance·Motion”, it connects the interaction between humans and nature.

Spatial aesthetics represents the aesthetics of life.

The interaction and reflection between Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) and the users.

as well as people’s yearning for a blissful life and their expectations and emotions towards a beautiful life, are pursued with focus and enjoyed through the interaction with space within a limited time.

Every project is a work of art.

We always devote ourselves to creating exquisite masterpieces and building classic works.

Each piece of stone is infused with the boundless passion and desire of the craftsmen for Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey). With every appearance, Phantom Grey presents itself with a new image, new highlights, and new works, becoming one of the most popular exhibition booths.

Continuing to cultivate the global market. 

The 2023 Xiamen International Stone Exhibition successfully concluded today!

In the era where aesthetics reign, people’s demand for experiencing beauty is growing stronger.

The value of beauty has become an important part of commodities, and mere “good looks” are not enough.

In the future, Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) will continue to cultivate the global market, striving to become a renowned brand in the stone industry. With products, systems, services, and a strong proposition, we aim to stand at the pinnacle of world brands.

Welcoming guests from all directions with a smile, forging connections with the world.

Once again, we thank the distinguished guests from around the world for their presence, and we also welcome everyone to visit the Ruichang City of Jiangxi Province, where the beautiful Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) Stone Co., Ltd. is located.

As the exhibition comes to a close, the excitement continues.

Phantom Grey would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your unwavering support and attention.

We look forward to gathering again next year.