This is a global stone industry carnival, and as a frequent participant in the Xiamen Stone Exhibition, the Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) Stone Art Space shines brilliantly. It is a booth that dances gracefully, redefining the concept of a beautiful life with ingenious design.

Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) has attracted customers from around the world to experience the products and negotiate cooperation, taking the advantages of a complete product series. The bustling scene and overwhelming popularity fully demonstrate the brand influence, market appeal, and strong recognition of Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) by customers from all over the world.


Ruichang Grey

   Marble global renaming ceremony

Jiangxi province is referred as a place containing “abundant resources and treasures” and “talented people and beautiful land” by Wang Bo, one of the “Four Great Poets of Early Tang Dynasty”. Ruichang City, the name implying “auspiciousness and prosperity”, is located in this land and possesses Ruichang Phantom Grey marble mine.

Ruichang is the birthplace of “Chinese bronze smelting culture”. The Tongling Site is the earliest copper mining and smelting site in the world. The inheritance of the bronze civilization that has lasted for thousands of years and the modern industrial civilization endow the Ruichang Phantom Grey marble with profound cultural heritage and content. It embodies the enduring natural attributes and distinctive style features of Ruichang Phantom Grey marble, forging its unique charm and artistic texture.

Today, in the name of our hometown, we have upgraded “Phantom Grey” to “Ruichang Grey.” It is a unanimous recognition of the quality of Ruichang Phantom Grey by the city of Ruichang. In a speech, the leaders of Ruichang city mentioned that Ruichang paper cutting and bamboo weaving crafts reflect the dedication and unique craftsmanship of traditional artisans in Ruichang. Similarly, every piece of “Phantom Grey” from Ruichang reveals the rigor and focus of the artisan spirit. Every step of the process is taken to the extreme, and the artisan’s dedication transforms the originally cold stone into something romantic and gentle, continuously inspiring designers.

Shifeng Wang, the owner of Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) mine, expressed that the quality of Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) marble, the pragmatic and dedicated management team, and the true spirit of the people of Ruichang are perfectly aligned. The hardworking people of Ruichang will surely lead Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) to go deep into the country and step onto the world stage!